Petr Dusek | SilencePlease

„Silence Please“ is a polite plea appearing at every entrance to the Bodleian Library. „Silence please“ is too my polite plea to the surrounding world...

Hello there! My name is Petr. I'm — „an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun“ [1] — employed as:
  • A software developer at the I particpate in a development of health software for shared workplaces „Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Ltd. (Spin-off company of the Masaryk University)“ and „Institute of Healt Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic“.
  • An external worker at the Teiresias Centre of the Masaryk University (a lecturer of further education within the project Quality in the Inclusion of Pupils with Special Education Needs).
  • An application security freelancer.
During my leisure time, I enjoy several activities:
[1] GEERTZ, Clifford. The interpretation of cultures: selected essays / by Clifford Geertz. 1973. ISBN 046503425X.